"Three quarters of my entire literary activity consists of correcting and improving - and perhaps three quarters is still not enough."

Theodor Fontane (1819-1898), German novelist

A really well-written text ...

must be both correct and appeal to the reader. Correct spelling and grammar are essential for your text to be understood and taken seriously. Good style engages your reader's interest and ensures they will read it to the end.

Perhaps that sounds fairly obvious, but when writing you often get so involved in your train of thought, the optimal wording fails to occur to you. It is also true that everyone finds it difficult to spot their own errors.

For this reason we can provide you with an essential independent check of your text. We correct your copy for orthography and grammar, condense wordy passages, restructure sentences and undertake improvements to its readability, keeping your target audience in mind. The result is a much improved piece of writing, which is good for you and good for your reader.

How it works ...
  • You send us - if possible by email - your request together with your draft copy and desired delivery time. Naturally, you can also contact us by telephone if you have detailed questions at any time. Here you will find our contact details and an enquiry form.
  • You get a non-committal estimate of costs from us, free of charge. For editing work we generally quote an hourly rate, since it is usually impossible to predict precisely how much correction is required. For further information about costs, see our prices and turnaround times.
  • Following your acceptance we check your text for:
    • logical argumentation and structure
    • good style and linguistic precision
    • correct spelling and grammar
    • correct punctuation and hyphenation
    • consistent use of terms and spellings (e.g. American/British English)
  • Ideally, we edit your text directly in your own formatted document. We generally edit files in one of the popular document formats e.g. plain text files (.txt), text within an email message, MS-Office files such as Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) and Excel (.xlsx). In most cases we enable "Track Changes" in a Word document so you can easily spot our changes or we can insert sticky comments about changes into a PDF.

We exclusively edit English and German texts. By using us, you can be sure that only an experienced, native-speaking editor will correct and edit your text. You will find more about our qualifications in About us.